heart-icon Get the Healthcare You Need– at zero premium
contribution for you and your entire family!

At Nevro, getting the best healthcare and well-being for you and your family are paramount. Therefore, we are one of the few companies that provide healthcare plan that has ZERO premium costs to our team members and one that’s fully covered by Nevro. This includes medical, dental and vision coverage from all our team members and their family! You give us your best; why shouldn’t we give you ours?

buddha-icon Be Your
Best Self

When you’re at your best, so are we. That’s why, in addition to providing excellent health insurance, financial planning, and subsidies for education, Nevro offers incentives and opportunities for participation in a variety of wellness programs that are focused on enhancing your mental, physical, financial and overall well being.

graduation-cap-icon Never Stop

There is no innovation without education. That’s why we support your return to the classroom with a generous tuition reimbursement program in addition to our ongoing training programs, speaker series and briefings with experts offered company wide. When our people are our greatest assets, why wouldn’t we want to invest in them?

chart-icon Grow With

Unlike most companies, we take the term “vested interest” literally. By offering company stock at a discounted price, we give you a real stake in our success. Because you’re more than an employee at Nevro; you’re a partner.

“Nevro gives me the very best so I can be the best version of myself.”

Head of Global Talent Acquisition

"Working for Nevro is like doing an outstanding hiking tour in the mountains. Starting well equipped, you are constantly challenged on your track. But you are always supported by the group and at the end you are rewarded with an ultimate view and the knowledge that you have achieved something great."

Product Manager, EU

“I love that Nevro is big on wellness initiatives for its team members. It shows that the company truly cares about our well-being”

Talent & Internal Brand Partner

piggy-bank-icon Plan for
Your Future

Our concern for your well-being goes beyond your time working with us. With a competitive and matched 401K of company contribution and planning services, Nevro helps you prepare for retirement and remain financially fit later in life.

beach-chair-icon Take the Time Off You Need
Plus Get a Long Weekend Every Month!

You have a lot to offer us. But you also have a lot to offer your friends, family and the world around you.

Therefore, we offer a long weekend every month, we added on top of our already competitive vacation time off plan. With our generous paid time off program, you’ll have the time you need to relax, recharge, and pursue your passions and connect with your loved ones.

car-icon Arrive With

We want you to challenge yourself, just not during your commute. Our commuter benefits offer a range of options that takes the stress off your commute without adding any costs to you.