How do real patients feel about HF10™ therapy?

HF10 therapy has helped many people discover relief from chronic pain, including patients who tried traditional spinal cord stimulation (SCS) without success. The following videos feature real patients who want to share their stories.

More HF10 therapy testimonials from real patients

I felt normal

“My thought was that the Nevro® stimulator was going to work the same [as the traditional spinal cord stimulator I had previously]. But after I switched to the Nevro system, I was speechless because I didn’t feel anything. I thought, ‘it is not working, maybe there is something wrong’ because there was no paresthesia. It really took me off guard. There was no pain and there was no paresthesia. And the fact that I felt normal. It felt like I did before I ever hurt my back. I know this sounds a little dramatic, but [undergoing a trial period with the Senza® System] really has changed my life. It has changed my outlook on my pain. It lets you feel normal.”

– U.S. Study Patient


“I just completed my Nevro® SCS trial and for me … I had wonderful results. I had good strong relief in my back pain. Now in comparing it to the conventional [SCS] system, which I had in my spine for 5 years, it was like night and day. The conventional system used a system of tingling, which began to hurt me in the end. With this new system, there is nothing. I didn’t feel anything except relief. There is no noise, no sensations. I just had relief from my back pain. I knew that it was going to improve my lifestyle.”

– U.K. Study Patient


“I’ve had back pain for just over 20 years now. I’ve had 4 surgeries and untold epidurals. It’s a lot really. I’ve had 2 spinal cord stimulators fitted. The first one was a conventional spinal cord stimulator, which really didn’t do much for me. I had some relief in the legs, but it gave me a tingling sensation while it was on, which is quite off-putting. The second spinal cord stimulator was from a company called Nevro. I’ve had it for just over 6 months now. And it has done the job really well with no tingling. I can now do things that people take for granted that I was never able to do. Simple things like taking the dog for a walk or picking my kids up from school. It just changed my life completely for the better.”

– U.K. Study Patient


“Before the operation, the majority of my life I spent in bed. I was doing everything in bed, only getting up to use the bathroom and even that was agonizing. So I was very unhappy. For years, I visited many hospitals in this country [U.K.] and in other countries looking for help to deal with the pain. After the [Nevro] operation, the pain is gone. Before it was a different story, the pain controlled my life. Now I control the pain.”

– U.K. Study Patient