At Nevro, we believe true innovation transforms more lives.

We explored beyond traditional SCS frequencies in search of better therapeutic outcomes. Combining high frequency at 10 kHz with a unique waveform and a specific treatment algorithm resulted in HF10 therapy: A paresthesia free treatment proven to provide superior pain relief to more patients.

Unprecedented Clinical Evidence

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SENZA-RCT: A first-of-its-kind study3

Thoroughly Evaluated in a Robust Pivotal Trial

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SENZA-RCT: A first-of-its-kind study

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Proven to Deliver Superior and Paresthesia-Free Pain Relief3

Simple, More Predictable Procedure with No Paresthesia Mapping

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Leads positioned consistently for all lower back and leg pain patients

No need to wake patient

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Superior Outcomes and Best-in-Class Technology

Frequency Waveform
Anatomical Lead Placement Programming
10 kHz
Pulse Width
Wave Shape
Consistent lead placement
Proprietary programming algorithm developed over several years
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